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[ Character's Name ] : Zelos Wilder
[ Character's Age ] : 23
[ Series ] : Tales of Symphonia
[ Canon Point ] : Post game but pre Symphonia 2. Zelos had his hands full trying to help get the newly joined world to work together. Unfortunately, the recently formed Sylvaranti underground had other plans...

[ History ] : (much easier than typing it out, sorry! Please disregard the Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World canon and assume Zelos ending of Symphonia)

[ Personality ] : Zelos is a flirt and an idiot. He hits on anything with a rack or a set of long, feminine legs and would much rather float through life without a care than take up a cause.

Or rather, that's what he wants everyone else to think. His friends know better.

Zelos is actually quite an intelligent and sensitive soul, extremely attuned to the wants and needs of those around him, though just as equally guarded. He plays the uncaring buffoon, but it's only to keep himself from the pain that attachment can bring when he inevitably finds that the person he cares for doesn't reciprocate. It's much easier to share a different bed each night and never be tied down. Only he always sends thank you cards for gifts, hand written. He always remembers each of his hunny's birthdays and sends flowers. And he always remembers every name, face, and preferences of every partner. He notices everything that makes an individual unique and treats them as special because of it; because, secretly, Zelos Wilder wants to be shown the same regard. Subconsciously, of course. While he's prone to bouts of introspection, Zelos never examines himself hard enough to truly crack the ice, so to speak. He simply assumes everyone wants something from him and he is merely playing on that desire to get what he wants in return.

Still, his generosity has become more apparent after he played a part in saving the planet from Cruxis, maybe because of his guilt for nearly betraying his friends, maybe because he was simply tired of keeping up all pretenses of being a careless noble, or both, but Zelos has opened up enough since the world was joined to use his status and fortune to better the lives of the poor and keep Tethe'alla out of war with Sylvarant. This change in his behavior is, in large part, because of Lloyd Irving and the dauntless trust he placed in Zelos, a trust which Zelos still seeks to be worthy of, though he'll never believe he is. Even so, he is much more caring and fiercely loyal towards his friends, a friendship which is incredibly hard won just as difficult to lose once obtained.

Zelos, though he has a sharp sense of humor he uses to deflect attention from himself when people get too close to seeing the "real" him, is hardest on himself and believes he is unworthy of being cared for in any real way, much less with the unbridled trust and confidence of people like Lloyd and Colette. Aside from these two and other members of the world saving party, Zelos still seems to be as idiotic, uncaring, and flirtatious as ever... though his generous actions often times contradict his harsh or disinterested words.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] : Zelos seems to be good at everything, much to the usual surprise of those around him thanks to his careless playboy facade. He is quick to catch on and incredibly observant, having once realized the Tethe'allan princess had been replaced with a fake simply by noticing her bust size was marginally different (seriously. It's in the game XD).

Even having so many talents, Zelos is master of very few things aside from his well-practiced deceptions (a fact which he hates about himself but somehow cannot break himself of). He is, because of this, notoriously bad at expressing himself when it comes to his true feelings, be they brotherly affection, honest romantic attachment, or deep camaraderie. He also doesn't much care for flying, as it's an ability granted by his crystal which he privately wishes he had not been so hasty in activating.

[ Other Important Facts ] : Zelos always takes excellent care of himself, right down to exfoliation and hair care. And because the nature of this beast we call rp invariably eventually leads to sex with characters of this type, I should note that I play Zelos as a straight character. I have nothing against homosexual individuals; that is just not my interpretation of him as a character.

Zelos retains his abilities from the game, though his powers are diminished due to the coral of course. Due to his crystal, which causes the body to go into a kind of stasis, Zelos at home no longer needed to sleep for other than the occasional mental health break and his senses were vastly improved. Here in Vatheon, however, it is necessary for him to sleep and eat again (though it may be difficult for him to realize he is tried or hungry since the dampening effects of the crystal are still active) and he can no longer perform his mystic arte Divine Judgment, though he can still perform a Shining Blind at a weakened level and a vast drain on his energy.

[ Sample ] :
The peace process sure is boring.

Partners changed again; women in petaled and fringed dresses spinning to the next man down the line and Zelos found he had traded a blonde for a brunette who eyed him with a particularly hungry gaze. He greeted her with a smolder in kind and pulled her close, to all attending appearing as engrossed in her assets as he had in the last dancer, but mentally Zelos's attention was on the Tethe'allan king, the Sylvaranti ambassador, and just how much he was getting tired of talking, parties, more talking, and more parties, and nothing really being done at all.

The music swelled and Zelos dipped his partner smoothly, her perfectly coiffed hair nearly brushing the floor before he pulled her up in a tight embrace to whisper something just this side of naughty in her ear and using the opportunity with his face hidden from her view against his cheek to take a glance around the room. There was Princess Hilda, scowling at him. He winked, calculating just the right amount of lift to his eyebrows and tilt of his lips to convey how very much he wished it was her in his arms instead of this (admittedly buxom) noblewoman.

Inwardly he cringed. The king had been after him for years to marry his daughter, seeking to turn the Chosen's influence into that of the crown. Zelos always came up with some excuse about a week long meeting with Sylvarant's representation, or a month's expedition to investigate some weather pattern changes in Toize Valley, or "I can't see her today I seem to have come down with a cough and we can't allow the princess to become ill now can we?"
His excuses were beginning to wear thin on His Majesty and Zelos knew it.

But what could he do? Marriage was something he would never stoop to; it was alright for certain people, maybe, but the very idea of being forced to wed made him feel a cold knot in his stomach. He would not be his father. He would never put anyone in that kind of danger, not even someone he secretly disliked as much as Princess Hilda.

Or is that why I dislike her? His thoughts were morose as the song played on and he received another partner. It wouldn't be so bad if she just didn't like me so much.

Another spin and Zelos made his apologies to his partner, another brunette who had immediately placed her hand far too low down Zelos' immaculately tailored jacket, as he gracefully slid out from the circle of dancers and snatched a champagne flute from a passing valet. The glass was barely to his lips when the Sylvaranti ambassador approached him. They made idle chit chat, about the weather, about Zelos' exploits on their journey, about Duke Bryant's ventures to create jobs for the Sylvaranti people, and Zelos sought to keep the conversation rolling, staving off the point when he would have to speak to the king and refuse his daughter and very likely get drummed out of the Church and maybe Meltokio as a whole.

I should stop being such a coward and just get it over with, shouldn't I?

Zelos opened his mouth to excuse himself and do just that when a glimmer from behind the left ear of the ambassador caught his eye. It was just a quick flash, a throw from the curtains at the edge of the room, but all thought fled the Chosen's mind but one as he dove in front of the dagger. Protect the ambassador.

He collapsed in a heap, knife in his chest just to the left of the crystal, all the thoughts that had been banished by adrenaline rushing back into his brain like the party guests rushing to circle him spread out on the floor. As he lost consciousness to a sea of worried and frightened faces, all Zelos could think was how he'd managed to avoid the Hilda problem again and this time it was a doozy.

A self-satisfied smirk remained on his face even after darkness descended.

(I am so sorry this is so long but I got really into it! ahh... hope its okay. I promise I'm not usually this verbose!)
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[ Character's Name ] : Dark Link
[ Character's Age ] : Technically less than a year but appears 17
[ Series ] : The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[ Canon Point ] : Immediately after his defeat as the midboss of the water temple

[ History ] : Dark Link was created by Ganondorf to defeat Link after the defeat of another construct of his, Phantom Ganon. Ganondorf's reasoning was that the hero, having proven himself to be quite strong, would find it difficult to strike down an opponant with his own face. To that end he created Dark Link with his black magic, seeking to create the perfect dark mirror with which to defeat the Hero of Time. Of course, that didn't quite work out as planned.

[ Personality ] : He's actually still figuring that out! Created as a tool of evil, Dark Link does feel some negative impulses, such as a mild bloodlust and a disregard for the feelings of others. However, he is also a clone of Link, so to speak, and Ganondorf had instilled much of that into Dark Link as he made him. Because of this, he is often confused and will lash out simply because he feels he has no alternative. He retains a good deal of anger, having thought he could replace the original Link as the "hero" after dispatching him, but was defeated before he could achieve this. He has mixed feelings about Link, having felt a resonance with him as they fought, and mixed feelings about Ganondorf as both his creator and a pretty big jerk... in fact, he has mixed feelings about just about everyone in his short life aside from Zelda. He knows, somehow, without ever having met her, that he has a posative connection with her. (This could, of course, all be in his mind)

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] : Having been created for the sole purpose of battling Link, Dark Link hasn't really given much thought to anything else. He is incredibly quick as a swordsman, not only in reflex but also mentally, able to block and parry strikes nearly as his opponant thinks of them. Of course, that's assuming they're using a sword and shield. It takes him quite a bit of time to feel out an opponant who uses anything else. He is also quite clever, but not very smart. He takes a very direct approach to most things in life. His attitude seems to be "hit it until it starts working." He is very poorly socialized, his only goal to beat Link and take his place.

[ Other Important Facts ] : Being literally made from magic, he requires access to the coral a bit more often than others lest the spell that constructed him decay under the drain.

[ Sample ] :

The hammer slammed down on Dark Link's chest, knocking the wind from his lungs and producing audible snaps and cracks.

That's it, I'm done I guess.

Red eyes caught mirrored blue as Dark Link felt the spell that held him together start to flicker.

By the Goddesses, don't look sorry. I hate you!

He thought the words with vehemency but even the strength of his wish to get back to his feet, to wipe that look of pity and regret from the Hero of Time's face to the floor with the sharp of his blade could not mend the damage done; Dark Link could not even declare his hatred verbally. All that escaped his lips was a wheeze and a gurgle.

I'm going to die here... That fire of rage that kept him going through the fight started to ebb, leaving behind a cold feeling quickly followed by pain. I'm going to die right here and no one will even care.

Blue eyes again met red, now watery, and Link knelt at the base of the tree, near Dark Link's prone body in his final moments.

"Goddesses, watch over this soul as it travels to the Spirit Realm. Take it to your keeping in the Golden Land."

The prayer came to Dark Link as if from a great distance, though his nemesis was kneeling nearly close enough to touch. Is he praying for me? Why? I tried to kill him. I almost succeeded! Then why would he..? I don't even have a soul to pass to the Spirit Realm. Why are you praying for me?! It's useless! It's pointless! Why?!

Link rose to his feet, silent as the grave, and took one last look with those damnable blue eyes. "I'm sorry..."

Dark Link could no longer hear Link's retreating footsteps.

I don't understand...

The world went white around him.
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