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Commisions are currently: OPEN

What I will draw:
- Humanoid characters (humans, elves, dwarves, androids, etc)
- Anthropomorphic characters (centaurs, merfolk, gijinka, etc)
- Cyborgs (Preferably with parts that are not too terribly intricate)
- Suggestive situations
- Fluff

What I won’t draw:
- Vehicles and mechs. (I’m just bad at these)
- Incest
- Underaged porn
- Animal porn
- And I reserve the right to reject any other subject matter at my discretion

Other Important Information
- Commission requests may be emailed to kim.anne.davis(at) with ‘Art Commission’ in the subject line, via private message on my tumblr, or via this post or a PM to this account.
- Payment will be collected via PayPal using the same email and is expected up front.
- Please include references and specifics in your request! You can take a look at this post for a good guide on how to ask for a commission.
- For full pieces, I will send a proof sketch before continuing on to finish the piece. This is the only time to ask for major revisions. After that, the poses will be set and I won't be doing any other drafts. This applies to icons, lineart, and colored, not sketches.
- Files will be delivered as .JPG or .PNG only. I will not share my layered files.
- Commissions are for personal use only. If I find my work being monetized without my consent, I will take legal action. Please credit where possible if reposted by linking back to this post or to Heinrippy on tumblr. For icons, please put a link to this journal in the comment of each icon.
- I have one icon slot open at a time and three others. These will be kept track of on this post below.

Commission slots
waiting list

Full pieces

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